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All-In-One Cloud Accounting

Margin ERP is an all-in-one cost effective solution that you need to run your business efficiently. The features included in this state of the art ERP system enables businesses to take complete control over their entire value chain.

    Margin ERP caters to organizations across the globe and offers a unique user experience to any business seeking to have an ERP solution for their operations.

    Whether you have to issue an invoice to a customer, record a purchase from a supplier, pay your employees or manage your cashflows; you will find it all here.

    We are also a ZATCA Approved E-invoice Solution Provider



    ZATCA Phase 1 Compliant & Phase 2 Ready Solution

    Generation Phase (since December 4, 2021), requires tax payers to issue compliant e-invoices. Manually produced and paper based invoices are no longer acceptable.

    Integration Phase (Starting January 1, 2023), tax payers will be requested to integrate their e-invoicing solution with ZATCA (in waves)

    Our Amazing Features

    Learn all about the features offered by Margin ERP

    Web-based structure enables accessibility from across the globe.

    Fully customizable solution to match your business requirements.

    The system is offered in both the English and Arabic language.

    Allows multiple users to access the system at the same time and work simultaneously.

    Choose what you need. Scale up as your business grows.

    Full business visibility and analytics gives you complete control over your business.