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    - Get ZATCA E-Invoicing Phase 1 & Phase 2 ready and compliant solution instantly.

    - Connect you existing accounting solution to Margin API and get ZATCA compliant.

    - Implement ZATCA E-Invoicing Saudi Arabia requirements in your existing solution.

    ZATCA Approved E-Invoicing Solution

    December 4, 2021

    Margin ERP E-Invoicing Solution is Approved & Certified by ZATCA and fully compliant with E-Invoicing Saudi Arabia Regulations issued by Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) in Saudi Arabia.

    Verify Margin ERP from ZATCA Website: Click Here.

    Our E-Invoicing Solution has been built on a highly reliable structure which ensures maximum durability, accessibility and security as well as the agility to adapt to any  changes and additional requirements by ZATCA.

    After successful Phase 1 implementation, Margin ERP E-Invoicing Solution is now fully ready for Phase 2 and to provide a hassle free integration with ZATCA starting January 1, 2023.

    E-Invoicing In Saudi Arabia

    Learn all about the features offered by Margin ERP

    Phase 1

    December 04, 2021

    Tax Payers are required to generate and store compliant electronic invoices and notes using compliant e-invoicing systems.

    Manual and hand-written invoices will no longer be considered as tax compliant.

    E-invoices generated can be in any acceptable format as long as they are compliant with the Regulations.

    QR Code is mandatory for simplified invoice.

    Phase 2

    January 01, 2023

    Integration of taxpayer e-invoicing systems with ZATCA. The integration will take place in waves by ZATCA by targeted taxpayer groups.

    Tax payers will be notified by ZATCA on the date of their integration at least 6 months in advance.

    Mandatory UUID and Anti-tampering features such as cryptographic stamp and hash.

    QR Code is mandatory for all invoices.

    ZATCA Phase 1 Compliance

    ZATCA Phase 2 XML Creation

    ZATCA Phase 2 Integration

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