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From thinking of getting paid

To actually getting paid

Create professionally designed invoices, send them to customers, and match payments to invoices.

Manage you inventory from multiple warehouse locations and track available quantity at all times.

Record advance deposits from customers and easily settle against future invoices.

Always be aware of how much money you have in your bank account and in cash.

Easily organise and track taxes on income and expenses and never miss out on your tax obligations.

Stay connected with your customers and suppliers. Always know what you owe and you are owed.

Manage multiple organizations from one place with one secure login

Keep record of all purchases and expenses and never miss out on your payable.

Never miss a sales opportunity. Create and send quotations instantly to potential customers.

Make advance payments to suppliers and easily adjust against future bills and expenses.

Manage employee salaries, allowances, benefits etc. using one simple and easy to use module.

Stay on top of your business performance at all times through the powerful dashboard.

Customize the application to match your business processes.

Generate invoices and record your bills and expenses in multiple currencies.

Stay on top of your orders and quantities while managing your inventory in real-time.

Create purchase orders and keep a track of orders and deliveries at every step.

Link payments and receipts to your invoices and bills automatically.

Run the system both as a non-accounting professional or a hardcore accounting expert.

Generate meaningful standard and custom reports to aid in your business decision making.

Keep a track of all activites by all the users and keep a record to all actions taken while using the system.

Operate the system and generate reports in different available languages.

We are also a ZATCA Approved E-invoice Solution Provider



ZATCA Phase 1 Compliant & Phase 2 Ready Solution

Generation Phase (since December 4, 2021), requires tax payers to issue compliant e-invoices. Manually produced and paper based invoices are no longer acceptable.

Integration Phase (Starting January 1, 2023), tax payers will be requested to integrate their e-invoicing solution with ZATCA (in waves)

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